ROTA R910 Ampoule Filling & Closing Machine

ROTA R910 Ampoule Filling & Closing Machine

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ROTA R910 Automatic Ampoule Filling & Closing machine. Output up to 3000 ampoules per hour. Ampoule range between 0.2-30ml (9-26mm dia.), suitable for form B, C & D ampoules. Fitted with accessories for processing vacuum-free, closed, ampoules to be opened germ- and splinter-free.

Inert gas can be injected both before and after filling. Stainless steel product pump with 1-10ml filling range. Centering of ampoule necks at filling and gassing stations ensures accurate entry of filling needles and avoids wet & carbonised necks. Fitted with pre and post gassing heads. 

Supplied complete with one set of change parts.


Stock Number2800
Outputup to 3000 ampoules per hour