2003 CAM PMM

2003 CAM PMM

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Aylesbury, United Kingdom


CAM PMM Horizontal Intermittent Motion Cartoning machine, to pack blisters into cartons with tuck-in closure.  

Output up to 100 cartons per minute (blisters with leaflet). Fitted with a Cam Blister Magazine, located above the infeed buckets with precise servo motor control, output up to 300 blisters per minute.  


  Mechanical memory (reg. trademark) device for quick size change-over

  Product presence detection inside the buckets

  Carton magazine with level detection with pre-alarm signal

  Carton pick-off and erection control photocell

  Torque limiter against mechanical overload

  Pusher fail safe with machine stop in event product jam.

  Standard length product bucket conveyor, mechanical carton erection blade.

  Fitted with dry action vacuum pump

  Remote control jog button

  Discharge conveyor

Fitted with:

Blister Feed Magazine complete with one vertical adjustable magazine for connection to upstream blister machine, designed to count and feed blisters into carton infeed buckets

Inserter for pre-folded leaflets, picked-off from magazine, complete with pre-folded leaflet magazine, pick-off control photocell, level control monitored on display with pre-alarm signal

Laetus Argus 6012 Pharmacode reader for both leaflet and carton

Carton size range

Single Cartons:

A 15 to 90 mm

B 12 to 70 mm

C 50 to 200 mm


Serial NumberC15161
Stock Number2807